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Kanha Dham"- Radha Ri Dhani" is started with a mission to give a glimpse of Rich Rajasthani culture and offers unique exotic traditional Rajsthani ambience to the citizens of Bhopal, which is also a capital city of Madhya Pradesh and famous for its beauty, lakes and food.

In “Kanha Dham-Radha Ri Dhani” you will enjoy every time in a different manner with a preview of real rajsthani village culture in fun, entertainment, games, thrill, shopping, rajsthani diet. On arrival a warm welcome with the rajsthani tradition of tikka and Arti transports you to the era of Thakurs, the village lords.....
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  • Folk Dance

    Folk Dance (Ghoomar) is a traditional folk dance of Rajasthan, It was developed by the Bhil tribe and was then adopted by other Rajasthani communities. It is performed by women in swirling robes, and accompanied by men and women singing together.This folk dance gets its name from ‘ghoomna’, the pirouetting which displays the spectacular colors of the flowing ‘ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women. There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women folk twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. Their measured steps and various graceful inclinations of the body, beating palms or snapping fingers at particular cadences while singing some lilting songs.

  • The Kalbelias

    The Kalbelias were known for their frequent movement from one place to another in ancient times. Their main occupation is catching snakes and trading snake venom. Hence, the dance movements and the costumes of their community bear a resemblance to that of the serpents. They are also known as Sapera, Jogira or Jogi. The Kalbelia dance, performed to celebrate any joyful moment in the community, is an integral part of Kalbelia culture. Their dances and songs are a matter of pride and a marker of identity for the Kalbelias and they represent the creative adaptation of this community of snake charmers to changing socioeconomic conditions and their own role in rural Rajasthani society.

  • Magic Show

    The magician here performs the very old Indian Magic tricks with some hand tricks and hypnotism and puzzle your mind. You'll be highly entertained by magic and comedy during the energetic performance. The show combines of, intriguing feats of mentalism, mind blowing sleight-of-hand magic, and laugh out loud charming humor

  • Puppet Show

    Puppet Show (Kathputli) is a string puppet theatre, native to Rajasthan, India, and is the most popular form of Indian puppetry.[1] Being a stringmarionette, it is controlled by a single string that passes from the top of the puppet over the puppeteers.Kathputli art tradition is more than thousands years old. The tribes of Rajasthan have been performing this art from the ancient times and it has become an eternal part of Rajasthani culture and tradition.

  • Bhopa Bhopi

    Bhopa and Bhopi is the ancient performing art forms from the interiors of Rajasthan. Bhopa-Bhopi singing and dancing involves a male artiste called "Bhopa" and another female artiste addressed as "Bhopi". It does not require too many artistes and has been performed by a particular community of Rajasthan for a long time. Only two artistes can render the Bhopa-Bhopi programme of songs and dances. The two instruments used by the duo are Ravana Hattaa (a stringed instrument) and Dholaki (small drum). Bhopa-Bhopi sing religious hymns in which prayers are offered to 33 crore (330 million Hindu deities) including the supreme God. Though most of the other Rajasthani dances are performed by girls or women, they are forbidden to dance during the Bhopa-Bhopi programmes. Artistes form a group of three to four people. One plays the Dholki, one plays the Ravana Hatta, which is their instrument. Bhopi sings and tiny kids dance.

  • Nat Natni

    The Nat are a community of professional dancers, singers and acrobats who originated from Rajasthan. The Nat used to entertain their guests with their acrobatic performances ,music and rope-dancing where the brave artiste balances himself on a rope tied with bamboo without the protection of a safety net beneath.

  • Kid Zone

    Special zone for kids offer a fun ,healthy recreation and active play centre. Option and safe, secure enjoyment for the whole family. Large play structures installed for the abilities of kids for all ages. Mom and dad are welcome to play along with their children.

  • Animal Safari

    Experience the raving excitement and adventure of riding on the back of some majestic creatures [ Horse , Camel- The ship of dessert , Horse Baggi . Have a round of whole Dhani in style, savoring the sights and experience the thrill , especially when the animal rises from the ground and settles down to let you off its back.

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